Suburban wilderness

So last night was bookgroup. This month’s book was The Whistling Season by Ivan Doig. It’s good, although I’m not quite finished with it yet.

This month’s meeting was in Kensington at Karen’s house and I thought I knew how to get to her house, but I ended up parking several blocks away. Luckily I ran into another member, also wandering around the neighborhood, wondering where the house was. We finally found it and all was good.

While I was wandering around the neighborhood alone I disturbed a rabbit who scampered across the road. I also thought I saw a larger animal on the other side of a hedge in someone’s side yard. I first thought it was a dog, but it didn’t bark and seemed almost ghostlike in its movements. I dismissed it as my imagination or maybe a large scrap of paper being blown by the strong breeze.

After the meeting as I drove down a side street, back to the main road that would take me home, a large animal crossed in front of me and this time I could not dismiss it as paper or my imagination. I think it was a small deer. Then, back on Cedar Lane, the main drag through this part of Kensington, a red fox crossed in front of me and ran into the trees.

Now that I think about it — I’m not surprised to see wildlife in Kensington. After all, Rock Creek Park runs along the western and southern boundries of this town, and I was within blocks of it when I saw the animals. Still, it was an unusual thing for me to see. I still wonder what the apparation was that I saw before book group.

3 thoughts on “Suburban wilderness

  1. Dona, we’ve never had foxes before but Yes,Dear and I have seen them in our yard on several occasions this past summer and fall. We are in a fairly densely populated suburban neighborhood and not near any woods so it’s unusual. Nothing compared to a few years back when we had several cougar sightings in the area, though.


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