Daily Archives: September 14, 2008

Bad day

I slept later than I’ve slept since I was in high school (or perhaps college) this morning, awaking at 10:20 am — fitting because I was dreaming I was in high school again.

A bunch of annoying things happened throughout the day including my breaking a handle on a pan we got for our wedding.

After buying a new pan and having a “discussion” with my husband about it I went outside to cool down (although it was 90 degrees out there). I saw an enormous bug walking up the maple tree in the back yard. On further inspection I noticed it was carrying a dead cicada and deduced it was a cicada killer wasp. I then came inside to look it up online to be sure I was right.

Cicada killer wasps don’t actually kill cicadas, according to a website I found. They sting cicadas to paralyze them, then carry them to their nest and lay their eggs in them. The cicada remains alive as food for the growing cicada killer offspring.

I decided that the cicada was having a worse day than I was.