We’re Off! With lots of rain gear


Windy tonight with further outbreaks of heavy, possibly thundery rain. Rain will ease off later in southern parts, with winds moderating here as well. Lowest temperatures of 10 C to 13 C.


Showers or longer outbreaks of rain in most areas again on Saturday with some heavy, possibly thundery downpours. A few bright or sunny spells also. Windy, with highest temperatures of 15 C to 19 C.

3 Day Outlook

Scattered showers and longer spells of rain over Sunday and into early next week, but, there are signs that it may become warmer in the middle of next week. There will be scattered showers and longer spells of rain over the country on Saturday night, and into Sunday morning. Sunday will be a wet day, with widespread rain and heavy downpours, particularly in the southwest. It will feel quite cool on Sunday, with temperatures only in the mid teens, in the fresh to moderate northerly winds. The rain will die off overnight. Monday will be a better day, with some sunny spells and scattered showers throughout the country. Feeling fresh with highest temperatures again only in the mid-teens, in a fresh to moderate northerly wind. Heavy spells of rain in Connacht and Ulster on Tuesday, while the rest of the country will be showery with some sunny spells. Becoming warmer on Tuesday with highest temperatures reaching the high-teens.

See you July 23!

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