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All My (Mobile) Phones

My first phone was one of those large, heavy devices that were exclusively for calling someone. I think I called it my car phone. Note that it was not as large as my dad’s car phone from the 1980s. Mine was more like the phone in this photo.

My second phone was likely a flip phone, but I honestly don’t remember it much. A workmate tried to teach me how to text on it, but it was so laborious, I never did it. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to text, I did, but I didn’t want to deal with a numerical keyboard.

I wanted a real keyboard, so that’s why I saved my money when T-Mobil announced the Sidekick would be available in early 2003. I was the coolest kid on the block (except for everyone who had Blackberries). The screen swiveled out and revealed the physical keyboard. It had a large (black and white) display. I loved it. I named it Loki because it could shape shift. I ended up getting a couple more Sidekicks, until I saw a commercial for an iPhone.

I wanted that iPhone, but I didn’t (and still don’t) like the brand. Not long after the iPhone came out, the first Android phone was announced. Again I saved my money to buy one of the first Android phones, the T-Mobile MyTouch. It was my first phone without a physical keyboard and that was hard to get used to. I bought it the day before we went to Northern Wisconsin where there was no service which kind of sucked, but it had enough on it to keep me busy. It was such a cute phone.

My next phone was a Samsung Galaxy SIII. I think by the time I go this one, my excitement about smart phones was over. Not that I was not excited about it at first, but there was not much different, other than size, from the MyTouch.

There were a couple other phones in between the Galaxy SIII and the Pixel 3a that I use today, including an LG G6 that I still have, and could use if something happened to my Pixel phone. Those phones were either LGs or Samsungs and I gave them to Andrew when he broke, lost or had it stolen.

My three outdated phones in the photo above might find themselves at the recycling center along with Franklin. Maybe just the Samsung, since it is completely dead and kind of boring.

G1 — Dona’s first impressions

I played with a G1 today a the T-Mobile store at White Flint Mall. I have to say — it felt flimsy. The keyboard seemed harder to use than my Sidekick 2 and the whole device just felt too light. I expected it to feel more solid — but perhaps that’s because my Sidekick 2 is very solid — brick-like in fact.

So, I was disappointed. I don’t think I’ll be shelling out the $180 for the G1 anytime soon. Maybe I’ll just get the Sidekick LX or else wait until a Sidekick with a touchscreen shows up. My Sidekick 2 is still working just fine.

(Does that sound as much like sour grapes to read as it did to type?)

Hiptop Halloween Hunt

I’m not a big fan of Halloween for many reasons. Masks scare me if I don’t know who is behind them, and sometimes even when I know who is behind the mask. I also don’t appreciate people coming to my house and demanding things.  As a former teacher, Halloween and the day after were some of the hardest days to teach. The kids were high on Halloween with excitement and high on sugar the day after Halloween. Finally, the first several years of my kids’ lives I felt compelled to find them perfect costumes. I don’t sew, but one year made a cat in the hat costume for my daughter – I even made the hat out of fabric I painted, sewed and hardened with fabric stiffener. That was the same year I made a Peter Pan costume for my son. Unbelievable now, I know!

There are a few Halloween traditions I do like, however. I like leftover candy. And I like the Hiptop Halloween Hunt.

I bought a Sidekick when they first came out around 2002 and have had one ever since. A few years ago an energetic young man put together a Halloween photo scavenger hunt. This young man may have actually invented mobile photo blogging – or at least was in on it at the very beginning when he began Hiptop Nation.  I participated in the second and third hunts that Mike organized. I forgot about it last year, but Mike emailed me before the hunt this year and suggested I join his team. I’d briefly thought about joining this year, but would have probably forgotten about it had I not heard from Mike. Even if I’d remembered, I might have chosen not to participate, but since the creator of the experience (who stepped down last year to be a participant instead of the organizer) invited me to be on his team, I couldn’t resist.

So I cleared my schedule somewhat for October 31 and when the list came online, started snapping photos. I’m not a real outgoing person, but since I dragged my daughter along to the mall to get some shots, she forced me to be more aggressive than I normally would. (The cherry picker shot was her idea and she bullied me until I went along with it.)

The two shots I am proudest of are the Apple store employees. We were lucky that one of the employees was talking to someone who happened to have his Sidekick LX out. I asked if he would mind letting the Apple Store employee hold it so I could get a photo. The list rules said that I needed to be in the shot too, so I thought I would get no points for this. Luckily the judges took pity on me and gave me full credit for both shots.

I’m not sure I’ll participate next year. I’m getting a little old for this. In fact, I’m willing to bet I was the oldest person doing the hunt. Maybe that’s why the judges cut me some slack.