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Elton and Hillary?

Whooo boy! I thought I was something special when I was just getting emails (and phone calls) from the Clinton Clan. But today the unbelievable happened. Elton John invited me to a concert in New York. Honestly. He sent me an email telling me he is throwing a party. I mean, come on — Elton John. The Pinball Wizard. Diana’s friend. The Candle in the Wind guy.

Here’s what his email says:

Dear Dona, (see that? he called me by name)

There is nothing I like better than throwing a party for a good friend. Will you come out to support my friend Hillary Clinton at a special, one-night-only solo concert in New York? I promise this will be one night that you won’t want to miss.

Click here for more details and to be notified when tickets go on sale.


Elton John

Gosh, and here I was feeling left out of the party when I heard about all those free things Obama supporters were getting from Oprah. (just kidding – no one’s getting any free things.)

They aren’t, are they?

Since the party is in New York it’s unlikely I’ll go. Plus the ticket price is not really within my budget.

On a side note – Hillary’s site, at least the party information page is not web accessible. The details are all gifs with alt text that reads, “event details” and “ticket details”. For shame, Hillary. I guess she’s not looking for the blind voters.

Confessions in a primary year

I’m not really very interested in politics – not even during election years. Oh, I usually have mild opinions about who I want for president, but not usually until the primaries are over. I don’t always vote in the primaries – especially if I know little about the folks running. And the past election? The one where George Junior won — again? I didn’t know much about John Kerry except that he was running against Bush and I wanted Bush the hell out of office so of course I voted for Kerry.

This year probably won’t be much different, however I do have a somewhat strong opinion about the primaries. I’d like for Hillary Clinton to win. I’ve liked her since the beginning (and I like Bill, too) and she only fell out of favor with me after I saw Primary Colors because it portrayed her as being power-hungry, but I got over it within 6 months.

Hearing one of her town-hall meetings from New Hampshire today made me even more positive about voting for her. Besides the fact that I agreed with every answer she gave, she also correctly pronounced nearly every word and self-corrected the ones she didn’t pronounce right the first time.

I have to admit that I know little about the others running for the democratic nomination. I meant to read Obama’s books, but never got around to it. I’d subscribed to Edward’s podcasts for a while after the last election – mostly to find out how his wife was doing, but have not followed him at all in the past year or so.

Of course I will support whomever wins the democratic nomination, but I’m hoping, right now, that it is Hillary. My mom (an Obama supporter) chastised me for my support of Clinton, asking pointedly, “Is it because you really like her or is it because she’s a woman?”

I calmly said, “I support her. Besides, I’m not ready for a president younger than I am*.”

So, there you have it. It all boils down to vanity. And ageism.

*When my mom and I spoke, I didn’t even know that Edwards was in the running.