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Grandma and Grandpa Green (and Chubby) February 1972

On Christmas 1971 my grandparents were given a tape recorder. They lived about 7 hours away from the rest of their family and used the tape recorder to send greetings to their children and their families. Here is one we received February 1972.

Grandpa’s introduction:

Me and my Shadow
Grandma and Chubby (their beagle)

Grandpa thanking us for his birthday gifts

Grandma’s turn to talk

Skip to My Lou
Grandma and Chubby

Are You Taping this? Stop!

Hee Haw

Grandma again

Millie and the poker game

When we’re coming to town and other topics

There’s a Rainbow on my Shoulder (?)
Grandma and Chubby

On Top of Old Smokey
Grandma and Chubby

Grandma and Grandpa

Thoughts of Grandpa Green

Grandpa GreenLast week I started to scan and upload to Flickr a collection of photographs I took from my mom’s house this summer. I know only one person in the batch I uploaded – my grandfather, seen right.

I cannot say how old he was in this photo. I thought it might be his graduation photo, but then I realized I have his wedding photo, and he looks a bit older here.

I’ve written extensively about my Grandpa Green, how he helped shape my character and helped foster a love of reading. And even how he wrote a poem about me when I was born. There really isn’t much more to say.

He was a quiet man who liked to read, play solitaire, drink beer and golf. He was a crossword puzzle wizard. He hated salads (said they made his nose wiggle) and wore a folded tissue under his wristwatch (to keep the ticks off, he said). I loved him. He was only 63 when he died – possibly an indirect result of his dislike of salad. I was 16.