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Finishing things

I tend to leave things unfinished. My 365 blog. My song a day blog. My NaMoWriMo novels. It is an unfortunate part of my personality.

It’s not that I don’t like the feeling of accomplishment when I do finish something, but I have a hard time with it. Don’t get me wrong — if it is something I’m getting paid for, then yes, I do finish. But everyday things tend to be put on the back burner and either forgotten or ignored.

So, I’m proud to announce that I finished not one, but three things yesterday:

  1. The Whistling Season — my book group book this month. I liked it but never made time to actually read it. I was about 4/5 of the way through it when I went to the book group meeting (thanks, in part, to netlibrary where I found it in audio form and listened while tagging PDFs). Then I was told how it ended — which kind of ruined it for me, but I persevered and finished it. (not that it was hard to do — easy read)
  2. The Overacheivers — I had two pages left and it was bugging me (actually, I thought I had more to read). So last night I finished those two pages. I think this book took me the longest to read of any book I’ve ever read (except maybe Wuthering Heights which I read in 15 minute increments over a semester in college) since I began reading sometime around the beginning of the year or perhaps earlier than that).
  3. My Ireland Trip Blog — I had one entry and some photos left to post and finally did. It was just a bit about the last few hours in Ireland at the airport, and the plane trip home, but I needed to write it to check off that I was done.

I’ve got hundreds of other things half or almost finished around the house, so, I’m at no risk of not having things to do.

Poor Andrew

The kids and I went out to dinner this evening. We all had a lazy Sunday, but Saturday was big for both kids. Andrew placed (5th) in Regionals and Clare took her SAT. Andrew was giddy with the knowledge that he could eat what he wanted and not stay after school for the grueling practice wrestlers go through.

Saturday night Andrew ate the last of the ice cream, declaring it to be his first ice cream in 3 months. Tonight he ate sausage soup, tortellini with sausage, several bites of appetizers, an entire ice cream dessert, two root beers and half a cannoli. When we got home an email was waiting for Andrew from his coach. The coach wanted Andrew to practice with the team and be prepared to possibly step in should someone in his weight class not be able to wrestle.

He was nearly inconsolable. We talked and he is now prepared to have another week of hard practice and little food. After his dinner tonight, I’m not sure if he could loose the weight that he gained from the ice cream and pasta.

He asked me to buy him a lot of fruit for the rest of the week.