1954 Advent Calendar

When I found this vintage advent calendar in a box under our guest bed I immediately recognized it and I may have said, “Ohhhhh.” I first remember it from my Grandma and Grandpa Green’s house, then my mom had it up sometimes. It was meant to be placed in front of a light source so that the light shone through the paper doorways and windows and lit up the scenes for each of the days of advent.

It was made in West Germany (it says “Made in Germany US Zone” on the bottom left) in 1954 by the Sellmer Verlag (oh my goodness, they still make them) company in Shuttgart, Germany. (It says Copyright 1954 by Sellmer Varlag Stuttgart-Rohr) on the bottom right.

I’m keeping this and putting it up at Christmas whether or not we are home.

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