New Housemates

We will prohibit this soon, but they really love the dining room table

Back in June Andrew asked us if we’d consider taking in two adult cats because the owner was moving to Australia. I was immediately for it and Dean said it was up to me.

We met the cats a week later and they seemed friendly and fine, if a little frightened.

Their owner, Dan, dropped them off on July 30 and they’ve been getting used to being here.

Waffle is a female and a very large one at that. She’s probably got some Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat in her. She’s a tabby color. Pony is all white except for a stripe of gray between his ears.

I’m not going to lie and tell you that it’s all been good. The first night, Waffle peed on my leather “cloud” chair. The second night she peed and pooped on Dean’s leather recliner. We washed the leather and floor with soap, then sprayed them with a leather-safe enzyme. We’re also covering the seats when we are not sitting in them.

At the previous owner’s suggestion, I bought a second liter box for them to put in the lodge. That took care of peeing and pooping on furniture, but now Waffle pees around the corner in the kitchen instead of in the box. I think she only does that when there is solids in the box, so I’m always on the lookout for fresh poop.

There is more good than bad, though. They are both very friendly. Waffle has become my shadow and always wants to be in the same room as I am in, often on my lap.

Pony is affectionate too, but more aloof. He’s very vocal when it comes to treats though.

1 thought on “New Housemates

  1. They are both gorgeous, and I love their expressions in that first photo: a classical feline look of slightly comical self-satisfaction.

    Good luck prohibiting them from lounging on the dining room table 🙂


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