Thoughts on The Rose Code by Kate Quinn

This book wasn’t really on my list of books I was interested in. I have read enough WW2 books to last more than one lifetime. The only thing that made me consider reading it was that Alexandra Robbins (an author and reader I trust) gave it 5 stars on Goodreads.

When my friend, Debra, chose it for her book group choice I wasn’t delighted, but believed Alexandra’s taste, so I bought it for Kindle and began reading it.

I really liked most of it. It inspired me do some internet searches on Bletchley Park. Dean and I watched The Imitation Game a few days ago because of my interest in Bletchley Park and Alan Turing. I liked most of the characters and it was plot-driven enough to make me want to pick it up to read often and keep reading past my bedtime.

There were things that I didn’t like about it though. One thing I don’t like is the romance. I am pretty sure if there was a novel written about the male code-breakers at Bletchley Park there would not be the romantic nonsense.

A second (and possibly petty) problem I have with the book is that in one scene when characters drive from Yorkshire to Milton Keynes the author writes:

“The Bentley was speeding past Blackpool now, well south of York…”.

The Rose Code — Kate Quinn

Blackpool is just barely North of York and there is no reason to drive through or near Blackpool to get to Milton Keynes, especially you are in a hurry. The only way they would drive past Blackpool is if Clockwell was closer to the West Coast. Clockwell’s location was never indicated except that to get there from Bletchley Park one had to drive through moors.

Finally, at the end of the book when many BP veterans are working on the Rose code, including Alan Turing, he’s described as “shifting from foot to foot” while someone else runs the bombe machine that he built.

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