Ten things I like about me

…in no particular order…

  1. My sense of humor — it is quirky and sometimes dark.
  2. I can still see the world through a child’s eyes and can be childlike (more often than adultlike, I fear)
  3. My cooking. I really like the food I make, at least most of the time
  4. My writing. While not as good as some, I feel that I write well and it is something I love to do.
  5. I like how I set out to ensure my kids became readers and they did. I have no doubt it had a lot to do with seeing me read, having me read to them and talking about books with them from a young age.
  6. The Illinois-shaped birthmark on my inner right calf.
  7. I treasure my values and the fact that I continue to strive to be a better person, morally and ethically, all the time.
  8. I like that I have an open mind about many things, except maybe certain foods — like I don’t want to ever (knowingly) eat a bug.
  9. I like that I can identify more birds than the average human.
  10. I like that I raised (okay, helped raise) two outstanding humans. When I dismiss it as genetics, they both assure me that it was much more than that.

8 thoughts on “Ten things I like about me

  1. Wow–your grown children tell you you’re a good mother! That deserves to be #11. (Or if necessary it could conceivably replace #6.) 🙂 I think my kids belong to the “it goes without saying” school of familial praise.


  2. Yes, the birthmark made me smile too (and I’m going to look up Illinois after this, as I have no idea what shape it is–I would ask you to post a picture of the birthmark, but that might come across as creepy).

    I like this list very much.


  3. Yes, the birthmark made me go out and look again on Google to make sure that I knew what the state was shaped like! And then it made me think that I would instinctively like a person who looked at their birthmark and said “Illinois”. Your list is endearing, and I’m a 100% with you on 7, 8 and 10.


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