Thoughts on some teaspoons that I never use

I’ve had these Silver Jubilee teaspoons since 1977. They were a gift to me from the Burgoynes — my British “second-family.” They are in perfect condition because I have never used them — I always think I should take them to the kitchen and actually use them for special occasions, but they are sort of impractical because they are so top-heavy (although I have never tried, I think they’d fall out of a tea cup). Besides, if I put them in the drawer that holds the teaspoons I actually use and if I actually used these, they’d end up falling in the garbage disposal, someone would turn the disposal on and then their perfection would be gone.

In 1977 the Queen had only been on the throne for 25 years — but it was more than a lifetime for me. Today she’s been on the throne for over 65 years, still over a lifetime for me, but it seems different somehow.

When I received them, I planned on using them but my life has turned out so differently than I’d expected it would in 1977 that it is okay that I keep them in my attic, admiring them only when I happen upon them now and then.

But if I use them, I’ll let you know.



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