Paint pot children and spark plug toys

When I was a kid I had plenty of toys. I had dolls and books and crayons and records. I was really wanting for nothing. That’s why it still seems strange to me that my most memorable “toys” were not toys at all.

I liked spark plugs. My dad was an auto mechanic for the first part of my youth and must have given me some to play with. You have to admit — they are kind of pretty with the metal and ceramic. I don’t remember what I actually did with the spark plugs — maybe just admired them but I always think of my dad when I see a spark plug.

Spark plugs among other garage stuff
Spark plugs among other garage stuff

I also remember playing school with my mother’s paint pots. She was taking a correspondence art course, so she had a lot of art supplies. I used to put a large paint pot in at one end of a table, then line the smaller ones in rows like desks. Girls on one side, boys on the other. (Red, yellow, pink, orange, white were girls. Blue, green, brown, black, gray were boys). The teacher would then teach the class.

Some paint pots lined up on a table
Some paint pots lined up on a table

As I said, I had plenty of toys but these were unique and memorable. Did you play with anything unusual as a kid?

Note: It seems I already blogged about this!

2 thoughts on “Paint pot children and spark plug toys

  1. I frequently think of brilliant blog topics – only to find that I’ve already blogged about them too!

    I found an old, rotted, saddle in a shed from the days of my father’s childhood. I put it on a fallen tree trunk, covered in an old sack, and had many a glorious hour pretending I was riding a horse!


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