Daily Archives: March 9, 2014

Dad’s 9th Grade Report Card

Among some of the more interesting items I found at Mom’s house last month was a Joseph Spiess box of photos, letters and documents that belonged to my Uncle Don and Aunt Leila. One of the items was my dad’s 9th grade report card from Plato Township High School.

For some reason I’d always thought dad quit school before 9th grade, but I was mistaken. Maybe it was just after 9th grade. It was not something he was proud of. I think he actually might have liked school — or at least respected the teachers because he always wanted me to be a teacher and was proud that I became one.

Despite dropping out of high school, this report card doesn’t look too bad — It looks like science was his best subject (after PE). His English scores were good the first semester, but not so good the second. I don’t understand the “incompletes” in Agriculture though. His dad was a farmer.

His English teacher, Miss Muirhead, must be a relative of our alpaca farm friends.


If you could look through your screen and see what is behind me, and over to my left (your right) you’d be shocked that I am such an untidy person. You’d be right. We cleaned out our kneewall over a month ago and I still have boxes that I need to go through before deciding what to do with the items within. I also recently returned from my mom’s house and brought boxes, suitcases, bags and briefcases full of stuff. I don’t think I have time to even go through everything, much less blog about the more interesting items.

Okay, I will let you see part of the mess. Just don’t judge me too harshly…


The big suitcase is filled with correspondence from Jeremy and other memories of my teenage years. The two bags hold childhood books, photographs, letters and other bits of nostalgia (oh, yeah and one or two toothbrushes — mom had about 50 extra toothbrushes).