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Old Writing: Part 4::Untitled 2

This silverfish eaten piece of paper is interesting only in that I’d never visited Washington DC before I wrote it for some English class. It is pretty bad. You cannot see the Capitol building from Union Station. And marblestone? What the hell is that? And what alternates with the unchangeable marlbestone lower buildings I wonder? And the last sentence is awful. I didn’t get a grade on this — but it should have gotten an F.

Untitled (writing #15)

Arriving from another city, one finds Washington surprising. Most people, expecting crowded squares upon leaving the station, find a different situation. They usually gaze at the National Capitol, looking calm and serine, across from the station. Washington has no skyscrapers, but avenues with lower buildings, practically all of marblestone that look unchangeable lined up alternately.

Unlike New York or Chicago which grew up haphazardly and almost accidentally, Washington was planned. Because L’Enfant, an architect from France, was hired Washington resembles Paris. It’s beautiful because except for a few exceptions a harmony is among its monuments and buildings, some of which have been added recently which follow the pattern made for the city.