The Pope, Whoopi Goldberg and Stephen Fry all walk into a dream…

This morning around 5 I was awakened by a slight headache. The headache may have been caused by dehydration or perhaps it was caused by the famous visitors to my dream.

I won’t attempt to explain it — but they were all there. The Pope had a new popemobile — a kind of land raft that he pushed himself around with a long pole while standing upright and was forbidden to speak to young women. Stephen Fry was handing out kisses — he would put bright red lipstick on and kiss people on the forehead for good luck, sort of like the good witch from the Wizard of Oz did to Dorothy in the book. Whoopi Goldberg showed up in a room full of women — she sat in a chair and was animatedly talking to people on a couch. I remarked that she was one of my favorite women ever.

While this dream was weird — at least there were people in it. My dreams lately have all involved repeated coding of something or another.

7 thoughts on “The Pope, Whoopi Goldberg and Stephen Fry all walk into a dream…

  1. I love your dream. My most recent celebrity dream featured George Clooney. I think a dream with Stephen Fry shows great taste too, if in a different way!


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