Smithville, MS

My Aunt Ginny and Uncle Jack live a quiet existence in a town in Northeastern Mississippi. Their days usually consist of watching game shows, talk shows and the hunting channel on television, watching barges going up and down the Tenn-Tom Waterway outside their window or cooking healthy meals. Every few days they take a ride either North or South on Highway 25 for groceries, appointments or other errands.

The town of Fulton is to the North of their house — whose high school is most recently known for canceling prom before letting a lesbian attend with her girlfriend then staging a fake prom to humiliate her.

To their south is a town they like to visit called Amory. In between their house and Amory is a tiny town called Smithville (but pronounced “Smithvul” “Smifful” [thanks Kelli]), which, as Dean noted last week when we visited Aunt Ginny and Uncle Jack, has little to offer than a Dollar Store. Uncle Jack pointed out the post office when we drove past and we also noticed a Piggly Wiggly.

Last week a strong storm — possibly a tornado — went through Smithville and Uncle Jack took us for a ride to see the damage. We saw several trees down and the local hardware store’s metal roof had been blown off and was lying on the ground next to the building.

Yesterday afternoon a massive tornado hit the town and finished off the hardware store, destroyed the post office and heavily damaged both the Dollar Store and the Piggly Wiggly. Aunt Ginny said she saw it going up the waterway and thought it was headed towards her house so she and Uncle Jack took shelter.

While Smithville is nowhere near Bethesda — this is the closest I’ve come to this kind of destruction, having seen the town intact a little over a week ago. My heart goes out to the residents of the town and all other towns affected by the storms yesterday.

10 thoughts on “Smithville, MS

    1. We’ve not had what you’ve had, Bridgett — but the day after writing this post I dreamed our house was swept up in a tornado and landed next to my Aunt Ginny’s house. I remember hearing the rafters groaning in the dream (although that could have been Dean snoring).


    1. I know, Helen — it is almost unbelievable. Also — glad you clicked through and read about the fake prom. I was horrified, but not really surprised.


  1. The power of the planet is shocking. As is the power of bigotry.

    (PS … If you pronounce Smithville, Smithvul,you’d have a kiwi accent!0


  2. Im so sorry for yall I will pray for yall every night It’s hit us on April 27, 2011 in Mantee,Ms I’m only 14 yr. old it’s scared me so badly so I’m just say sorry love yah


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