So many books…

I feel like I’ve written this post before. I have a lot of books — books cause only mild guilt when I purchase them. When I can purchase them for a discount, for instance at Costco, all the better. Add that to being in two book groups and the long wait-time for popular books at the local library. Nearly every room in this house has a book or two (or a dozen) waiting to be read.

Besides the bookshelf filled with double-shelved books in my bedroom, most of which I want to read, I’ve got Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand sitting on my (bookshelf) headboard, face-down, open to the page I stopped reading a couple of nights ago. On my dresser is Let the Great World Spin, the book both book groups read and discussed that I got halfway through and found too boring to finish. (I don’t like books that are made up of short stories, even if they are connected by something). On Dean’s side of the headboard of the bed is The Siege of Krishnapur, another bookgroup read that I got partway through. I do plan to read all of these books.

In the living room I have more bookshelves filled with mostly read, but some unread books. On the table next to the couch are two more books. One is a bookgroup book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, and a book I bought to read for fun, Fingersmith. I’m on page 23 of Henrietta Lacks and find it, okay but not exciting. I really want to read Fingersmith. but don’t feel right starting it with so many other books partway read.

The family room holds more bookshelves with double-shelved books as does Clare’s room. My office has work-related books I should read, especially since I’m planning on going back to work full-time in the fall.

It is not that I don’t have time to read — I have oodles of free-time, but I spend it on the Internet or watching television. Is it possible that I don’t like to read anymore? Has the Internet or aging changed my love of the written word?

I blame part of it on belonging to book groups — I don’t read non-book group books when I have a book group book to read out of guilt but don’t like the assigned books so don’t read at all.

I’d quit one or both book groups but they are pretty much the extent of my non-family related social life. Without them I’d be even more of a hermit.

This is an ongoing question, and a real problem for me — not the number of books in the house, but the number of books I want/need to read. Something needs to change and I don’t know what it will be.

Update: I read more of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks last night (about 1/3 of it) and am out of my reading slump. I’m really enjoying it now. Let’s hope it lasts!

11 thoughts on “So many books…

  1. Ha! It must be in the air…I’ve been thinking about a book/book group post lately but haven’t done enough about it…


  2. This is an interesting post. At one point in my life I realized I had stopped reading. I think, like you, it was because watching endless episodes of TV shows (in my case, Lost, the West Wing, Mad Men, Dexter took over my life. Now that I look back on that period, it was like a temporary fit of insanity. I’ve started reading again, and am, as Maxwell Smart would say, loving it.


  3. You need to belong to our book group. We don’t assign books – we have a whole box, and read what we want when we want it. Because we know we all get busy or stressed at different times, and sometimes you just need to read something fun. So my advice is, read Fingersmith, enjoy it, then tackle the others.

    Just a week or so ago I was in a reading slump, had a bookclub book I was struggling to want to read (Corrections), and downloaded Stephen Fry’s biography (first part), gobbled it up, and then happily went on to finish Corrections.

    Like you though, I often find myself on the internet, instead of reading.


    1. I wish my book groups were like yours. I suggested as much to one of them and they all looked at me like I’d gone mad.

      I might just read Fingersmith and forsake the others. About a year ago a book by the same author pulled me out of a reading slump.


      1. Ok my reading obsessed friend just informed me that Fingersmith isn’t exactly fun, but is definitely worth reading!


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