Brian Andreas and his Storypeople

There is a wonderful store in Rockville called As Kindred Spirits. I’m not sure when I first knew about it — I think it was first a kiosk at a mall. It also was at National Airport. Their About Us page does not mention the kiosk in the mall, but I’m fairly certain that’s where I discovered them. I think one reason I liked the kiosk was because the owner reminded me of my best friend from middle school — Cindy. Another reason was their selection. They had unique jewelry and gifts. Their store in Rockville also has clothes — the classy but comfortable kind with brand names like Flax and Willow. I even bought a pair of hemp sandals from As Kindred Spirits a number of years ago. (and yes, I did wonder if I’d get high if I smoked them).

As Kindred Spirits also carries a unique line of books and artwork called “Storypeople” by Brian Andreas. Not long after the Rockville store opened — or at least not long after I discovered it — the store invited Andreas to do a book reading one evening. What a delightful man he was and what delicious stories he told. I remember feeling as if I’d made a friend that night. I’ve bought many of his books over the years and have given people gifts of his artwork. His artwork is unique because it incorporates his words with his rather primitive, yet colorful, drawings.

An example of Brian Andreas’ work.

I love his books and could read them over and over again (and do). They are small truisms with an eclectic drawing thrown in. They make me nod my head. They make me giggle. They make me snort. They make me laugh out loud. They make me a little sad sometimes. They even made me cry once.

A while back I found his work online and checked the sites out now and then. More recently the company began blogging. A few weeks ago I discovered that Andreas was on Twitter (@brineypup for you Twitterers) and Facebook.

I was most delighted, however, to see that Andreas began his own blog, Zen Bandit, where he posts stories, thoughts and sketches. He even uploaded an audio post and I’m pretty sure will put some videos of his work up on the blog as well.

He and I have exchanged a few words via twitter and I’ll post comments on his blog for sure. This is what I love about the Internet. A person can personally tell someone thanks for making their life a little better.

Thanks Brian!

Artwork by Brian Andreas [from somewhere off the Internet 🙂 ]

5 thoughts on “Brian Andreas and his Storypeople

  1. Thanks for leading me to Brian Andreas. Such creative stuff! You mean he got started in Rockville and I could have seen his work LIVE when I lived in Maryland? Ah well, better late than never.


  2. Actually he got started in Nebraska or someplace like that. At one point they moved to San Francisco — he has a great story about the fog. Not sure where he is now. Glad you like him.


  3. Thanks for the lovely post, Dona.

    The true beginnings are even more bizarre than Nebraska (though that’s pretty bizarre). I started writing the stories right after grad school in Berkeley. Then moved to Iowa when we decided we wanted the boys to roam free instead of being led through the streets of San Francisco on leashes all the time. (StoryPeople, the company, is still back in Iowa) Then moved back to California one winter when we couldn’t stand it any more. & here we are still in lovely SoCal…

    & it’s funny you saw me in Rockville. I have done fewer & fewer things at galleries since then, but just recently Wendy has been tempting me with stories of good food & wine & chocolate if I’d only come back. With the strength of will I show in the face of such a steady onslaught of treats, I think it’s safe to say that I’ll be going back there in the near future. 🙂

    with love, Brian

    Brian’s last blog post..The daily sketch. March 31.


    1. Thanks for the comment and clarification on your beginnings, Brian. I do hope you come back to Rockville — I’ll be there if you do.

      And glad you liked the attribution of the artwork. I giggled when I wrote that.


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