Discovering new music

Yesterday evening, after returning from a quick visit to the grocery store, my neighbor Amy, who was outside raking leaves told me about a fund-raising event at a local pub beginning in a half hour and asked me if I’d like to ride along with her. I was reluctant to go — mostly because Dean was making a nice dinner and because True Blood was on TV Sunday nights, but I had not gotten out all week, except for book group on Tuesday, so I quickly changed clothes, put on some make-up and went to Amy’s house.

I’d met the first performer and master of ceremonies, coordinator for the DC area of GoGirlsMusic — an international group for indie female musicians — at a neighborhood gathering. She either lives in my neighborhood or the next one over. I’d not heard of any of the others, but it was nice to sit, sipping cider and watching some amazing female singer-songwriters.

Near the end of the evening, after a large group left a young woman in a black leather jacket and white neck scarf sat down in front of us. I imagined she was there to hear the music, but before long the MC was introducing her as Ruut — someone whose CD she played for months.

I can see why — Ruut blew me away. Her singing style is similar to Sarah McLachlan — the way her voice changes notes in the middle of syllables and the piano background. After she sang three songs I talked to her a bit — she said that her influences were Tori Amos and Andrew Lloyd Webber and her parents who were professional classical musicians. Amy bought me a cd (I’d paid for her drink — I think I got the better deal) that Ruut signed.

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