The New Flock

I like trying out new browsers and when Flock came along a while back, I tested it out. It was similar enough to Firefox for me to feel comfortable using it immediately, but it had some cool bells and whistles.

One cool factor was that you could post to your blog right from the browser, without being on your blog editing interface. Since I have several blogs I thought I’d give it a try. Perhaps it would save me time.

Well, it didn’t work like I hoped — I’d push “publish” and the post would be saved as a draft, even though it said it was published.

I downloaded the new improved version of Flock last night and am testing the blog editing interface once again.

If it works, I’ll stick with Flock. If it doesn’t, I’m back to Firefox.

PS — It didn’t work right.  Maybe I’ll give it another chance.

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