Just another day in paradise

Mom and Larry liked to go to a bar and grill called Bookers in South Elgin. I can see why, the atmosphere is welcoming and the staff seem nice, although when I went there a year ago with Ron we had an aloof, bordering on rude, server.

Mom and I went there twice during my visit. Once just to eat dinner and once because her friend Robin, a server at the restaurant, told her to stop by for lunch or dinner.

The second time we were there was the day before I was to drive home. We sat at the bar, something I’ve not done in years. Next to us was an older gentleman wearing a straw hat. Mom greeted him and introduced us. Unfortunately I think I’ve forgotten his name. Ken perhaps?

He bought us a round of drinks — I figured since I was seated at a bar I’d have a martini, mom had her usual — diet coke and Malibu rum. The bartender, Chuck (Robin told us that we could remember his name if we thought “up-chuck”) was sweet, young and nice looking. He also made a killer martini (and laughed when I asked for a normal [gin] martini with only a little bit of alcohol — what do I know? I don’t get out much).

I got to watch a bit of college wrestling on one of the 12 flat screen TVs the establishment has on the wall behind the u-shaped bar. I also learned what the-man-whose-name-might-be-Ken did for a living. I thought he said he trained people to manufacture aluminum parts. But then he said his company made the tracks for tract lighting. Maybe I heard right both times. Maybe the tracks are made from aluminum. (Just found the company on the Internet. He used the word extrusion. I’d never heard of it, but I guess it has to do with pressing the metal into shapes.

The-man-whose-name-might-be-Ken has an interesting way of speaking. His consonants seem to come from the back of his throat. Think Jimmy Stewart.

It was a really nice evening. It made me sort of sad that my regular home life is spent pretty much within the four walls of our house. I rarely get out, and when I do the folks I meet are not quite as colorful as those I met during my stay in Elgin this time around. Or maybe it was Chuck’s martini that helped create the colors.

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