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Stonehenge — Just a Graveyard? Say it ain’t so!

Front page. Washington Post: Researchers Say Stonehenge Was a Family Burial Ground

No ancient sacrifice?

No hooded figures chanting?

No witchcraft?

No magic?

No Duncan?

According to extensive research done by National Geographic, Stonehenge was just a cemetery for a ruling family. This news is a little shocking to me and I certainly do not agree with this statement by Mike Parker Pearson of the University of Sheffield:

“This is really exciting, because it shows that Stonehenge, from its beginning to its zenith, is being used as a place to physically put the remains of the dead.”

Sorry, Mike, but a cemetery is not exciting. Now, had National Geographic discovered that Merlin had actually lived and magicked the mammoth sarsen stones from Ireland to Salisbury Plain, that would have been exciting. Or discovering that the Druids had really used Stonehenge as a sacrificial temple would have been cool too.

But a cemetery? Pish.

Jeremy at WoodhengeI did find some of the information interesting though, like the linking of other ancient sites in the area such as Woodhenge and a place I’d not heard of, Durrington Walls.

So, thanks, National Geographic and Professor Parker Pearson, for taking the magic out of Stonehenge. Science — mutter mutter — who needs it anyway?

Jeremy at Stonehenge

A magical Stonehenge moment

Jack at Woodhenge

That guy from Spinal Tap agrees with me:

Kennywood 2007 Adventureland 1987

I stumbled upon this news as I clicked through some film related information — a new film is coming out in August called Adventureland and was filmed at Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh. I was drawn to the name Adventureland because as a child my parents took me to an amusement park of the same name. When I saw it was being filmed at Kennywood, that kept my attention.

We’ve been to Kennywood several times – including the 1980’s, the time period this film depicts. It will be fun to watch.

This YouTube clip of a news broadcast about the filming:


It seems that even more of Pittsburgh is shown in the film, such as parts of Shadyside, the area where we lived in the 1980’s. The Post-Gazette ran an article about the director’s ties to Pittsburgh.